Software Overview

PVP software overview block diagram: the GUI accepts input from a user and displays system status. The GUI sends sensor values and receives alarms from the alarm manager. The GUI sends control values and receives sensor values from the coordinator. The coordinator runs the ventilation logic and sends control signals to HAL, the hardware abstraction layer. HAL translates control messages from the coordinator to the particular hardware device and sends them to the pigpio daemon.

PVP runs as three independent processes:

PVP is configured by

  • The Values module parameterizes the different sensor and control values displayed by the GUI and used by the controller

  • The Prefs module creates a prefs.json file in ~/pvp that defines user-specific preferences.

PVP is launched like:

python3 -m pvp.main

And launch options can be displayed with the --help flag.

PVP Modules


A modular GUI with intuitive controls and a clear alarm system that can be configured to control any parameter or display values from any sensor.


... Manuel write this


A hardware abstraction layer powered by pigpio that can read/write at [x Hz]


Define complex and responsive alarm triggering criteria with human-readable Alarm Rules


Modules that provide the API between the GUI and controller, user preferences, and other utilities