Source code for vent.gui.alarm_manager

from PySide2 import QtCore
from vent.common.message import Alarm, AlarmSeverity
import datetime
import time
from vent.common import values, message
import numpy as np


[docs]def get_alarm_manager(): if isinstance(globals()['_ALARM_MANAGER_INSTANCE'], AlarmManager): return globals()['_ALARM_MANAGER_INSTANCE'] else: return AlarmManager()
[docs]class AlarmManager(QtCore.QObject): new_alarm = QtCore.Signal(Alarm) def __init__(self): super(AlarmManager, self).__init__() self.active_alarms = {}
[docs] @QtCore.Slot(dict) def update_alarms(self, alarms): # FIXME: for now just forwarding self.active_alarms = alarms for alarm in alarms.values(): alarm = self.parse_message(alarm) self.new_alarm.emit(alarm)
[docs] @QtCore.Slot(tuple) def monitor_alarm(self, alarm): """ Parse a tentative alarm from a monitor -- we should have already gotten an alarm from the controller, so this largely serves as a double check. Doesn't use the :class:`~.message.Alarm` class because creating a new alarm increments the counter. Args: alarm (tuple): (monitor_name, monitor_value, timestamp) """ if alarm[0] in self.active_alarms.keys(): return else: # TODO: count these and raise an alarm that says the controller is out of sync new_alarm = Alarm( alarm_name=alarm[0], is_active = True, severity = AlarmSeverity.RED, alarm_start_time= alarm[2], alarm_end_time = None, value = alarm[1], ) new_alarm = self.parse_message(new_alarm) self.new_alarm.emit(new_alarm) self.active_alarms[alarm[0]] = new_alarm
[docs] def parse_message(self, alarm): """ If an alarm doesn't have a ``message`` attr, make one for it. """ if alarm.message is None: # make human readable time start_time = time.strftime( '%m/%d, %H:%M:%S', time.localtime(alarm.alarm_start_time) ) if isinstance(alarm.alarm_name, values.ValueName): alarm_str = else: alarm_str = str(alarm.alarm_name) if alarm.value is not None: # round to `digits` specified in value def round_digits = 1 if alarm.alarm_name in values.CONTROL.keys(): round_digits = values.CONTROL[alarm.alarm_name]['decimals'] elif alarm.alarm_name in values.SENSOR.keys(): round_digits = values.SENSOR[alarm.alarm_name]['decimals'] value = np.round(alarm.value, decimals=round_digits) alarm.message = f"{alarm_str} went out of range at {start_time}, value was {value}" else: alarm.message = f"{alarm_str} went out of range at {start_time}" return alarm