Hardware Overview

Schematic diagram of main mechanical components

The PVP components were selected to enable a minimalistic and relatively low-cost ventilator design, to avoid supply chain limitations, and to facilitate rapid and easy assembly. Most parts in the PVP are not medical-specific devices, and those that are specialized components are readily available and standardized across ventilator platforms, such as standard respiratory circuits and HEPA filters. We provide complete assembly of the PVP, including 3D-printable components, as well as justifications for selecting all actuators and sensors, as guidance to those who cannot source an exact match to components used in the Bill of Materials.


PVP hardware schematic


Justifcation behind the components actuators and sensors selected for the PVP.


Solidworks model of the system assembly, description of enclosure, and models for 3D printed components.


Modular PCBs that interface the PVP actuators and sensors with the Raspberry Pi.

Bill of Materials

Itemized PVP parts list.