Source code for tests.test_io_hal

from .pigpio_mocks import patch_pigpio_base
from import Hal
from random import randint, getrandbits
import pytest
import as valves

[docs]def test_functions(patch_pigpio_base): """__________________________________________________________________________________________________________TEST #1 Using simulated sensors, tests that hal initializes correctly, that sensors can be read, and that all valves can be open, closed, and/or controlled using the setpoint properties of Hal. - Checks to make sure that valves report as being open if they are not fully closed (i.e. if they have a nonzero setpoint) """ hal = Hal(config_file='pvp/io/config/sim-devices.ini') for _ in range(randint(1000, 10000)): assert hal._pressure_sensor.low <= hal.pressure <= hal._pressure_sensor.high assert hal._aux_pressure_sensor.low <= hal.aux_pressure <= hal._aux_pressure_sensor.high assert hal._flow_sensor_in.low <= hal.flow_in <= hal._flow_sensor_in.high assert hal._flow_sensor_ex.low <= hal.flow_ex <= hal._flow_sensor_ex.high setpoint_in = randint(0, 100) hal.setpoint_in = setpoint_in assert hal.setpoint_in == setpoint_in if hal.setpoint_in == 0: assert not hal._inlet_valve.is_open else: assert hal._inlet_valve.is_open setpoint_ex = getrandbits(1) hal.setpoint_ex = setpoint_ex assert hal.setpoint_ex == setpoint_ex if hal.setpoint_ex == 0: assert not hal._expiratory_valve.is_open else: assert hal._expiratory_valve.is_open with pytest.raises( ValueError ): hal.setpoint_ex = -2