SolidWorks Assembly

The entire Solidworks Assembly, with associated part files, can be found [in this Google Drive]( The current assembly is named “TLA_VENTILATOR_ASSY_V2.SLDASM”.

3D Printed Parts


Sample Prusa project with 3D printed components

Individual 3D printed parts may be downloaded here:


Download all parts:

Printing tips: Be sure to keep any airway components as close to 100% infill as possible. Most of our test prints were performed using ABS, and without any supports or rafts, since these are challenging to remove later. Supports should not be necessary provided the parts are oriented mindfully on the build plate. Also, try to keep cylindrical components oriented vertically (so that the circle is traced on the build plate); this will improve circularity of the chamber.

For PRUSA users, we provide an example project, demonstrating part orientation:


The side, top, and bottom panels are made out of 1/16” HPDE sheeting.