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A fully-open

Supply-chain resilient

pressure-control ventilator

for the people

The global COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for a low-cost, rapidly-deployable ventilator, for the current as well as future respiratory virus outbreaks. While safe and robust ventilation technology exists in the commercial sector, the small number of capable suppliers cannot meet the severe demands for ventilators during a pandemic. Moreover, the specialized, proprietary equipment developed by medical device manufacturers is expensive and inaccessible in low-resource areas.

The People’s Ventilator Project (PVP) is an open-source, low-cost pressure-control ventilator designed for minimal reliance on specialized medical parts to better adapt to supply chain shortages. The PVP largely follows established design conventions, most importantly active and computer-controlled inhalation, together with passive exhalation. It supports pressure-controlled ventilation, combined with standard-features like autonomous breath detection, and the suite of FDA required alarms.

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